About Nabra Valley

About Nabra Valley :
The Nubra Valley, once on the trading route that connected eastern Tibet with Turkistan via the famous Karakoram Pass, is the most recently opened area of Ladakh. Nubra invites you to a trip back in time into a nearly forgotten 'Shangri La'. With breathtaking views and delightfully hospitable inhabitants, it is quite an experience.

Also known As: Orchard of Ladakh

Location: 150 km north of Leh

Ladakh's harsh winter makes this crossing possible only during the summer months-from June to August. The valley itself lies at a lower elevation than the Leh Valley, making it very fertile so that kinds of grains and fruits including peaches being cultivated there.

How to spend time/Attractions: Camping, Photography, Trekking and Mountaineering

Places to see: Drok-pa village, Baigdandu village, Shyok Valley, Diskit and Hundar

Diskit is the administrative center of the Nubra Valley. It is nestled on the edge of a desert on the Shyok-side valley, eight hours away, on the other side of the Khardong La (La means Pass). To reach this place one should carry along plenty of water, because the increase in height by over 2000 meters, can give anybody severe headache and nausea. The road is paved till south Pulu, a military check post, where the permits are checked and the details entered. This is an unforgettable excursion that makes Indiana Jones look like a kindergarten excursion.